Ages and Stages: Blooming Where You Are

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Struggles with Comparison

Last week I wrote a post called Just Be You. This post was a challenge not only for others but for myself as well. I often fail to take my own advice and this specific post was no exception. I admit that comparing myself to others is a sin I regularly tend to fall into. It's not that I want to compare myself with others, it's just a long overdue habit that needs to be given the boot.

Can I ask you ladies a question? Am I alone in this? Do you ever struggle with comparison too?

I was feeling it more so again this past week and went straight to my journal to think it through. I often tend to journal about things that weigh heavily on my heart. As I re-read the entry again this morning I've decided to post some of my thoughts here on the blog.  So without further ado, here are some of my own heartfelt ponderings on this issue of comparison.

From My Journal

The ages and stages of life are still somewhat of a mystery to me. 

Why is it that God ordains some women to marry at the age of 20 or 21 while others who long for marriage aren't married until 35?...

I've often considered myself to be a late bloomer. Now whether that's because of the trials I went through in my early years or because that's just the way God made me, I'm not sure.  Perhaps it's a little bit of both.

Of course this issue also brings  into question certain standards. Who's to say I am a late bloomer? The world? Culture? Modern society? What if, in God's Sovereignty, He decided I would take root and bloom exactly at this age and stage in my life? Then of course the world's standard is brought to nothing and I would no longer be a late bloomer.

Ordained Bloomer

The thing is, I often end up comparing myself not with God's standard but with the world's standard. The world may say I'm a late bloomer but God says that I've taken root and bloomed exactly when and where He ordained me to.

Question is, how do I, you, we live this out and truly believe that we are exactly where we should be right now in life. What would living fully in this age and stage look like on a day to day basis? I don't know the complete answer to this question but one thing is for sure, comparison no longer has any place to steal our joy, peace and growth when we fully live in the place where God has ordained us to take root and bloom.

Comparison to the world, comparison to others and comparison in general ceases to exist when we embrace who we are at this very age and stage of life and allow the Lord to grow us each step of the way.

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2 Responses to “Ages and Stages: Blooming Where You Are”

  1. Hi Gretchen...I think some comparing ourselves to others is part of the human condition although I know it's not what God wants. I believe we truly are where we are when we are according to divine purpose. The world can label us with lies...late bloomer, two time loser, etc. and I could be classified as both -- having been divorced :( with many years of painful and sinful darkness behind me, and only now blooming later in life in a truly godly marriage. Yet without what I experienced earlier, I wouldn't be the woman of God He has made me to be today. Keep looking up...each day with Him gets better and better. Love and blessings to you...

  2. Sheila,
    Thank you so much for your encouragement and kindness. Your words have truly touched my heart and I am grateful for your comment. I felt led to write this post as I needed to share my heart with other women and I am truly glad that I did. I love what you said about being where we are today according to divine purpose. I'm beginning to understand the truth to this!
    Thank you for sharing your struggles with me. God has certainly used your struggles to bring about good and lead you to where you are today.
    Blessings to you. I am grateful for your encouragement.