A Picture Worth a Divine Word

Monday, July 1, 2013

I stare at the picture on my wall, the one I had just bought the day before because of its immense beauty. There isn't anything particularly extravagant about the photo. It's a picture of a long boardwalk with a simple white chair at the end looking out into the vast ocean. The sea is calm, the sky is somewhat cloudy and yet true beauty is displayed within the canvas. Simple but beautiful. It evokes a sense of peace, a sense of calm within my soul.

As I stare at this piece of art, I envision myself looking out into the ocean as if looking out into my future. In the midst of God's creation I feel His presence even closer than before. There is no fear for what comes next, just peace. A peace that surpasses understanding. It's not something I normally feel when it comes to the future. More often than not fear, apprehension, questions and confusion cloud my thinking when I try to figure out what the Lord is doing my life. But not now. Not as I focus my eyes on this photograph on my wall. Right now, I feel the Lord's peace; right now I feel a great assurance that the Lord has everything under control and will be working on my behalf to bring His perfect plan to pass in my life.

The Lord speaks in many different ways. Whether through His Word, a friend, His creation or a picture, He is not limited by any means. The picture I hung on my wall is not merely worth a thousand words, it is worth a Divine Word.

I'm reminded of a verse in 1 Kings 18 where Elijah prayed for rain after a severe drought and sent his servant to look for any signs of the coming rain:

“Go and look toward the sea,” he told his servant. And he went up and looked.
“There is nothing there,” he said.
Seven times Elijah said, “Go back.”
1 Kings 18:43

And God provided the rain.

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