Emptiness is Abundance

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Empty. Stripped.

Two words that seemingly hold such negative connotations at first glance. But maybe the emptiness that most of us are so scared of, and even fight against, isn't actually a bad thing at all.

Surrender. Wholehearted Trust.

Because when we're completely emptied of self, God is in the perfect position to fill us.

Forgetfulness. Selflessness.

Jesus said that we must lose sight of ourselves, that if we want to save our lives we will end up losing it. But if we lose our lives, it will be saved.

Abundance. Fullness.

Nevertheless, we often find ourselves striving for more. More clothes, more friends, more money, more everything. Perhaps we go about it all wrong... because in order to be abundantly filled we must first choose to be empty.

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